Ministry Gnats

I had left the windows down on my vehicle last night, and got it in it this morning to find that it was full of gnats. I started to drive hoping they would just fly out. Wrong! I found myself swating at the gnats and drove 3 miles not knowing how I had got there, because these demons got me distracted. It seemed the more I focused on the gnats the less focused I was on driving. I became unaware of the people driving around me, and wasn’t focused on where I was going either. When I started to focus more on the road and other drivers the gnats seem to be less of a nuisance.

Here’s my conclusion about driving and ministry. It seems that the small things (gnats) distract us from what we are trying to do which causes us to lose our focus. When we are focused on non-essential things like designing the web-site, making outlines for wed. night, coming up with games, getting the computer ready for worship, etc. we miss what ministry is all about.

1. Stay focused on Christ and our relationship with Him. Keep the main thing the main thing. Are you about to crash?
2. Be aware of the people around you. People are more important than programs.
3. Remove the distractions. Bring people on board to help the things that distract you from what you are called to do.
4. Know where you are going. Have a vision. With out a vision you will just drive aimlessly. What do you want your ministry to look like?


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