Encouragement For Those in Ministry

Pastor shared a great devotion in staff meeting. Here are the notes.
Exodus 18:13-27

1.Be Knowledgeable. Ministry is a never ending task, it can consume your life. (13)
God cares more about you than about the ministry.

2. Be Thankful and Accepting. God brings people into our lives to protect us. (14) Service in the flesh is not service.

3. Be Wise. Sometimes our enemy uses our willing hearts to misguide and distract us.(15-17)

4. Be Dependent. God consistently reminds us that we need Him, we are not super servants! (18)

5. Be Courageous. Our task as faithful ministry leaders is to lead & represent God to the people and the people to God. (19-20)

6. Be Selective. There is a difference in people who are faithful & able from those who are just nominal. (21)

7. Be Patient. God blesses different people with different levels of spiritual giftedness & ability. (21)

8. Be Obedient. The result of being an equipper is God’s direction, endurance, & peace. (23)


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