God Speaks To You

Be still and quiet for a moment—allow your heart to be open to an awesome God who desires to speak to you.

You’ve seen those movies or shows where a person has a small devilish figure on one shoulder and a small angelic figure on the other, both trying to persuade the person to make one decision or another.

Discounting the figures on the shoulders, is that scene true to life?

Read Romans 2:14-15. I would define “conscience” as . . .

I think the purpose of my conscience is . . .

God gave you a conscience to help you know right from wrong. However, because your conscience can be flawed or weak, there must be a higher standard to which it answers.

What’s the danger of depending just on your conscience to determine what is right and wrong?

Your conscience instinctively questions whether something is right or wrong, but what ultimately answers the question? Or rather Who answers the question? Who sets the standard? God does.

You may face difficult situations and issues today in which you struggle to know right from wrong. How will you determine what’s right?

Thank God for giving you a conscience to help you determine right from wrong. Express to God your desire for Him to guide your conscience to follow His ultimate and absolute standard.


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