Taking the High Road

Sometimes I struggle and find myself discouraged with other people. The enemy would love to shipwreck my faith. Especially when there are expectations of other believers it can bring discouragement. 1 Peter reminds us to take the high road in love for the LORD’S sake. Here’s why…

1 Peter 2:13-25

The righteousness of Christ in us silences the ignorance of foolish people. v.15

Our Freedom in Christ calls us to serve God… v.16-17

  • By honoring everyone
  • Loving the Brotherhood
  • By fearing God
  • Honor those in authority

We serve the just and the unjust. v.18

This reminds me how unlike Christ I am. I wish sometimes God would just run over that person, but I am reminded that I was unjust when God came to my rescue.

It is the grace of God that allows us to focus on Christ as we endure suffering unjustly. v.19-20

This is a picture of the cross. What you do in silence is a great influence to those around you.

We are to endure difficult times & people the Jesus did. v.21-25

  • Jesus did not sin in return.
  • When he was despised he did no despise people in return.
  • He did not threaten but he trusted God.
  • We should entrust evil times & people to God.

We serve God by divine appointment. If you’ve been called to ministry, you serve by divine appointment. Therefore we are not secure by popular opinion. We should treat them like the Lord would treat them. It’s hard but profitable. Also the high road is not compromising.


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