Staying focused this Christmas

Due to absolute madness this time of year, run here, run there, buy this, buy that. It is super easy to just go-go-go and miss Christ all together. I am going to make a conscious effort to slow down and dwell and focus on Christ. This list is very practical things I will do or have already done.

1. Spend time in the word alone daily.

Pray. Meditate. Spend some time in the Gospels dwelling on the coming of Christ and the work He has done for and in me.

2. Pouring my attention on my family.

Going to go look at Christmas lights in town, watch Christmas movies. Just being home with the family.

3. Watch the Nativity Story with my wife.

4. Starting Tuesday night we will do a 4 part Christmas interactive devotion with the family.

5. Take my 3yr. old daughter on a Christmas date, and wrestle with my 1yr. old boy watching the game.

How do you stay focused?


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