A Date With God

I love snow days in January. It reminds me of January 17th. Eight years ago  I went and picked up Jenny(my wife) in the Jeep in snow and came back to my house. We made snow angels, threw snowballs, rolled down the ditch. Well, I rolled down the ditch on purpose because her roll down the ditch wasn’t on purpose. We had such a great time that night. We watched movies, played video games. It was great! It was the perfect date. Just being together.

Maybe God wants to have a date with you. Think about it. No school, no activities. So I challenge you today to get alone with God. Savor His Word. Open up to him. Get out in the snow and let it be a reminder of his pure character and holiness. Don’t waste this day. God has provided a perfect day for us to spend time with Him. Have a great day!


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