If you are thinking about joining twitter and are still indecisive. Why twitter is good and why it is bad.

Good Reasons in no particular order.

1. It’s a great way to communicate to the masses. Instantly.

2. It’s convenient social blogging on the go.

3. A great way to share the Gospel

4. Gain inspiration from spiritual leaders.

Bad Reasons

1. Sports scores

2. Lost

3. American Idol

4. Feeding your mind with useless information. Many tweets I could have done without, and I feel dumber because of it.

5. and one more – 24

There are more reasons, but all in all I believe Twitter is a part of our culture and we can either embrace and use it to benefit the kingdom of God or ignore it and miss out on leading a generation. Having said that I want to be careful what I tweet. If it doesn’t edify in some way I won’t tweet it. Are you tweeting effectively?


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