Better Business Plan

Have you ever seen a business advertising on something that is contradicting to what they are trying to sale? For example “Bob’s Auto Repair and Detail” in vinyl decals all over a beat up, rusted, dented piece of junk. I’ve seen some good ones. Or a sign on a building that says we care about detail, but the building is run down. “We tint windows”, but the car had torn, bubbly tinted windows. We care about detail, but don’t look at our building. I’m thinking if you don’t care about your own car why would I trust you with mine?

I think about this in how it applies to the church. We just recently overhauled our church’s website and updated our logo. Just because you get a new website ( or a new logo or some new form of marketing strategy, does not change the fact that your church needs a lot of work. A website will not fix your discipleship process, it will not fix theological issues within the church. You must lead within the church and fix what is wrong. Having said that I do think it is valuable to have both. Just make sure what you are advertising fits with who you are and who you’re trying to reach.

On a personal note, this leads me to think about what I’m advertising in my own life. Life, hope, peace, forgiveness. Is that just on my sign or do others see me living that out. Do I say one thing and life another. Do what I say not what I do. I don’t want to advertise the life of Christ and there be an obvious contradiction. Father help me to become more like you.


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