Family Worship

This is something that we are pursuing in our family. We currently have a 3yr. old, a 1yr. old and a baby due in July. So our family worship time looks a lot different than a typical Sunday morning time, but none the less we do it.  We talk about the Gospel, we sing the Gospel. My 3yr. old understands that she is a sinner and Christ died for our sins. We talk about it often. She probably doesn’t grasp everything but that doesn’t keep us from sharing. We hope to keep this a tradition in our family.

Why we do it?

We believe as the parents it is our biblical responsibility (Deut.6:5-8) to lead and disciple our children. Our church has a  great children’s ministry, however we are not leaving the responsibility up to those leaders to teach our children the Gospel. That’s our job. I don’t just want my children to see me go to church, I want them to see me live it out in front of them.

I want to encourage you to start this tonight, pray and worship with your family. I don’t want to leave you hanging so here are some great resources.

Growing a Spiritually Strong Family by Dennis & Barbara Rainey – Click Here (This is a quick read, but powerful.)

Rethink by Steve Wright- Click Here (This is a great resource for student pastors)

We offer weekly family worship guides on our church website >loving God > this week.


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