The Impact of the Gospel on Ministry

Our culture is drowning in knowledge and information. If you don’t know how to make, install or fix something just search the internet and bam you’ll be an expert in no time. You can search for ways to be successful in life, in parenting, relationships and even in ministry. There are lots of suggestions and very good practical help when it comes to ministry. These are not all necessarily bad and are probably good if Biblical, but nothing makes a greater impact in ministry than the gospel.

The primary focus for any ministry must be the gospel. Everything we do and the reason behind everything we do must stem from the gospel. Its the only message that brings about salvation. We can motivate but for a season, influence the masses for a moment, but only the gospel can bring about eternal life change.

D.A. Carson writes, “We are already at the stage where many evangelical leaders simply assume the message of the cross, but no longer lay much emphasis on it. Their focus is elsewhere.” We cannot assume the gospel. May we be as Paul, “to know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2). Let us not forget the most important thing and the only thing that sustains our ministry. The gospel must be at the center of our teaching, our serving and our leading.

In our sermons and in our conversations we cannot be satisfied with just saying the word gospel. This does not make it gospel centered. We must get to the part of the conversation about our sinful nature, the cross, godly sorrow, repentance and the resurrection of Christ. If our ministry does not extend from the gospel then life change will not occur.


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