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David Platt on Sharing the Gospel with Kids


Church Websites Made Easy and Beautiful

Our church loves Clover Sites. (See ours here: They are simple. They look great. They are affordable. And they are constantly updating for free. I believe in a lot of ways the are ahead of the game. So if you are shopping for your church or business for a website company check this out.

Click here!
Click here!

Favorite iPad apps

Here are some of the apps I use almost everyday. If not everyday they are certainly ones I use to show just what the iPad can do. Not to mention the pre-installed apps and of course twitter. Happy downloading!



ESV Bible


Evernote (Take notes and access them anywhere with another computer, via internet)

Dropbox (You can access word documents or pictures)

Pages (syncs with iCloud to your Mac or iPhone)


Splashtop – Connect to your pc or mac wirelessly

1Password – saves all your passwords and logins

Photon Flash – View flash sites

Google Earth


Inspire Pro



Flipboard (It turns Facebook and Twitter into a magazine)



Planetary (Really cool way visual way to listen to music)



Real Racing 2 (Connect to your tv and use iPad as steering wheel)

Smash Cops


iReconcile (My wife and I share a checking account. This app allows us to sync.)

TGC: 2011 Audio and Video Live


This is from Justin Taylor’s blog.

“Everything on the main stage at The Gospel Coalition will be simulcast live—including the two concerts. The video and audio will all appear on this page.
I was especially excited to learn that the goal is to have all the audio online within an hour of the session, and that they will also be translated into French, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. I’m very grateful for TGC investing this extra effort to serve more and more folks.