What is Evangelism?

We are to live Christ, so that we may proclaim Christ. That is the call of every believer, in every circumstance.

But too often, when people say, “Preach the gospel always, if necessary use words,” it’s actually intended as an excuse to not proclaim the gospel—to not give a reason for the hope that is in us (1 Pet. 3:15). They appear, in a very real sense, to be ashamed of Him.

J.D. Greer said it was to say, “Here’s my phone number, if necessary use digits.”

Those who claims the name of Christ must never be ashamed of Him.

If anyone professes Christ, and does many great works, but refuses to proclaim Him, that person is only doing goodwill. And goodwill does not save people from the wrath of God.

Our actions demonstrate the love of Christ working itself out in our lives, but our words proclaim Him. The two, like the greatest commandments, to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself, are inseparable. It is our joy both to love Him and others with our actions, and to love Him and others with our words.


Motivating Church Members

How do you motivate church members to increase their interest in spiritual growth?

Preach the Word. Preaching is the primary way that God uses the church to motivate members to spiritual growth.

Cast the vision. Primarily cast the vision through the preaching ministry of the church. And also in the context of small groups, maybe have all ages go through the same curriculum for a season.

Share stories. As a part of creating excitement share what God is doing and has done in the life of other believers.

Set goals. Set out to do a daily Bible reading plan as a church.

Challenge the church to pursue God by spending time in prayer, Bible reading, family worship time, corporate worship. Along with pursuing a lifestyle of transparency and honesty. Encouraging them to grow in the area of giving and stewardship and small group participation. Develop a heart to serve and plug into a ministry. Pursue a non-prejudice heart and grow in boldness to share the gospel. And disciple someone else in the same process.

Encourage them to pick a time and place to develop the habit of spending time with God in their relationship with Him. Start with the right attitude and pray without ceasing.

I’ve seen churches use small groups, campaigns, a series of meetings, sermon series, discipleship classes. Some are more effective than others, but I think it takes a varieties of ways to reinforce the vision and some learn at different paces and with different styles.

I also think mentoring is another way that is effective. Also I believe university type courses with different spiritual level classes can sometimes be effective.

What are some other ways that can help motivation in spiritual growth?

5 Ways to Play With Your Kids This Christmas

I’m sure I’m just one of the many parents who hugged their kids a little closer on Friday night after hearing about the horror at an elementary school in Connecticut. Perhaps this horrible tragedy will serve as a reminder to cherish the time we have with our children.

1. Instead of watching a movie, create your own movie story.

2. Instead of playing Mario, let your child be Mario.

read the rest here fro The Gospel Coalition…

Proclamation vs. Social Action

There are two ditches that I believe we need to avoid. One that the gifts have ceased and the other that some gifts should be elevated over the other gifts.

I believe in “healing the sick”. But I doubt it when someone was healed and no one was converted to Christ. The problem is when the gifts become what christians are striving for rather than sharing the gospel of Jesus.

If we are healing people physically, meeting their needs physically, caring for the widow and orphans (which the church should be doing) but never getting to the gospel, our work is only a temporary relief. These people are still in need of a Savior. We see this with Jesus. He healed and more importantly forgave them of their sins.

But I could be wrong?

Jesus Leads in Evangelism

Here are some thoughts I had concerning Jesus’ approach to Evangelism.

1. Jesus found himself around sinners.
Jesus didn’t live in a Christian bubble, but rather as he went he made an effort to be around all types of people. .

2. Jesus had compassion and genuine concern for the people.

3. Jesus shared with people for the Glory of God. Beyond what may happen those who reject Him, but a great motivation for sharing is so that Glory of God may be put on display.

4. Jesus shares with love, but always confronts them with their sin. This idea that Jesus never judged and loved everyone is true but he always confronts them with their sin.

What motivates you to share?

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