Knocking our Walls Down

Just a normal Wednesday night getting ready for ministry activities, then it ended up a not so normal night.  This guy was running from the police. He turned into a driveway which then led him to crash into the side of a house hitting a gas meter causing a gas leak. The van then continued into the side of our Worship Center which was occupied by several adults and children.

Upon crashing the vehicle he climbed out the passenger side of the van and attempted to run, which prompted a short foot pursuit. The Sheriff and deputies soon caught up with him and were able to subdue him but not before he became combative and pulled a knife on the officers.
After he was secured in custody, officers turned their attention to the van and its contents, which led to the finding of an active mobile methamphetamine lab.

Last sunday’s sermon was We have a Community in Crises that Christ died for, in the series Beyond These Walls. The call was for us to get beyond our walls with the Gospel and take to those in our community. How ironic is that we have someone nearly knock down our walls who is need of the Gospel. Let’s be sure and pray for him.

Here is the rest of the story.


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